Closet Door Guides – How to Decorate & What to Install

Closet Door Guides – A closet door gives you a space to transfer your creativity. You can decorate it as much as you want and make it looks great and unique. Therefore, similar to other doors, a closet door needs special treatment too. Here are some closet door guides on what you might need to decorate your closet door.

  1. Install Wallpaper
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Nowadays, there is a lot of wallpaper available in store. It varied in patterns and often very functional for visual purposes. Also, most of today’s wallpaper is easy to apply, move, and tear. 

Covering all of the bedroom walls with the same wallpaper might be annoying for some people. If you are one of those people, there is a tip that might be very helpful. Consider to apply it only on your closet door so that you can create variations between the wall and the door. Besides, it gives a great aesthetic and freshens the room’s atmosphere.

  1. Mural
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If the wallpaper is not your favorite, you might want to try something else like a mural. It is a piece of artwork painted directly on a wall. Also, it shows an artistic look and makes the room looks different.

While deciding what kind of mural that you would like to apply, you can create your design or try to find inspiration from pictures and photographs. If you have artistic skill, those two choices might be easy. However, you can also apply a simple scene or experimenting with dots, stripes, or geometric shapes.

  1. Stencil
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There are so many stencil motifs available, including sports image, bamboo paint, or even your favorite animal. You can get it on the craft stores, paint stores, or search it online. But before starting, don’t forget to do an experiment with a graph paper and plan your design.

  1. Erasable Paint
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Erasable paint method in a closet door is unique and very functional. It is excellent for those who need space for erasable writing or drawing. In this case, there are some examples of this type of door that you can choose, including dry-erase paint and chalkboard paint.

A dry-erase paint uses white latex paint and turns the door into a whiteboard. This glossy board is excellent for older kids who can use a dry-erase pen for writing and clean it only using the towel. While for the younger ones, you can choose a chalkboard paint. 

  1. Painting the Frame
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If you plan to paint the frame, try to do it step-by-step. First, choose the base color and paint it on the door. You can also use the glossy painting for easy cleaning. Then, paint its frames with the same color or bolder ones like rainbow or contrast colors. Last, arrange them on the door and attach using adhere strips. 

  1. Installing Curtain
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We often find a wood door to cover a closet, but how about the one that made of softer material. If you want some changes, try to use a curtain as a closet door instead. Moreover, it is easy to change depends on your mood and very practical.

Before you hang the curtain, firstly you can try to hang it inside the closet and hide the top side of it. Also, do not forget to measure its length and wide. Make sure it is a couple of inches wider than the door and long enough to reach the ground.

  1. Decoupage
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In this Closet Door Guides, Utilizing leftovers and unused stuff to decorate your closet door is an extraordinary idea. You can glue scrapbook papers, gift wrap, fabric scraps, old maps, botanical artworks, and other beautiful materials to your door to create decoupage. Also, you can apply them to the entire door and explore your creativity. Need more ideas, you can check our article about closet door ideas.

Before you start, don’t forget to remove the door from the hinges and lay it down. Then, create your design by arranging your decoration stuff and glue them on the surface of the door. Lastly, apply topcoats on the finished design so that it will look smooth, shiny, and easy to clean.

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