Closet Door Ideas DIY for Bedroom

Closet Door Ideas – Whether in a big or small room, we always need a storage space to keep our stuff safe and well-ordered. Generally, a closed space is better than the open one because it is not usually necessary to show our goods to everyone. For these reasons, having a closet in a room is essential to hide those extra storages and items.

Closet comes in many designs and sizes, and it also appears with various doors models. There are some popular door designs that we often found, including sliding door, folding door, mirror door, and many others. However, the choice depends on the owner needs and room’s necessity. Here our guide on decorating closet door.

Additionally, paying attention to a closet door decoration is crucial because it helps to create an artistic and unique look to your room. Therefore, do not let your closet door become a tedious part of your house. Instead, start to create a new exclusive decoration so that the room look completely fresh and new.

Closet Door Ideas & Designs

Besides sliding and folding doors, there are many closet doors designs available. However, you cannot choose them randomly but to match them with your room’s need and style. Thus, take a look at these closet door ideas and designs to inspire you.

1. Closet Doors Sliding

closet doors
photo by Open | Close Doors

Closet doors sliding are comfortable and very practical. It also saves some space with its modern design. Now, let’s get inspired by these beautiful woodgrains doors with durable metal frames. Moreover, you only need to slide them to left or right, without taking more energy to open them.

2. Folding Closet Doors

 bifold closet doors
Photo by Bess Jones Interiors

Dark wood folding closet doors look great and classical. It has a unique design which makes you folding them back when opening it. Also, the doors look perfect to be pairing with yellow walls and dark tone room. 

3. Traditional  Closet Doors

home depot closet doors
Photo by Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd

Among many attractive and modern door styles, traditional closet doors still become the most popular ones. Moreover, the design is timeless and mostly suitable with any kind closets. Besides, the doors are not complicated and easy to apply. 

4. Mirror Closet Doors

closet door track
Photo by Mark English Architects, AIA

Mirror closet doors provide dual functions. Not only to cover the closet but also to help us get ready and see our reflection in the mirror. Furthermore, it looks best with full coverage on the door.

5. Closet Door For Bedrooms

closet door alternatives
Photo by Beau-Port Kitchens & Interiors

When you try to get closet door ideas for bedrooms, consider checking this one. Commonly, some doors have a mirror on the outside. On the contrary, this door has a mirror inside it. It shows the closet reflection and gives a complete display to the owner.

6. Modern Closet Door 

closet door locks
Photo by Exclusive Home Interiors

Besides traditional, modern closet door ideas often applied in the house too. This type of doors come in many designs, and this one looks simpler. It made of acrylic white gloss inserts with aluminum frames. Also, it works similar to a sliding door with a modern touch.

7. Closet Door Curtains

closet door guides
Photo by TRG Architecture + Interior Design

Transparent closet door curtains might be simple, but it still worth to try. It requires small work while installing it. Additionally, you can choose whether a sliding or two panels to hang the curtains.

8. Modern White Closet

closet door organizer
Photo by Filippo Vinardi

Another modern design of closet door is here. As we can see, it has a flat structure and covered in one color only, that is white. What makes it called modern is because of its simplicity, and some open shelves are filling the gaps between the doors.

9. Contemporary Sliding Closet Doors

closet door light switch
Photo by Bickmore Construction

At first, we might think this is just another traditional door design, but if we look closely, this is a sliding closet door with contemporary style. It made of wood material and placed below the stairs. Also, we can see an aluminum door track to slide the door side to side.

10. Unique Closet Door

closet door curtains
Photo by Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc

After checking out some popular designs, here we have an alternative closet door. It has a traditional style but covered in transparent glass. Also, the frames are wooden and connected beautifully with the room color.

11. Bifold Closet Doors

closet door pulls

Tall bifold closet doors appear in modern style. It made of laminated wood panel and applied with natural color. However, there is no frame installed to surround it. As a result, the door camouflages well with the wall and make us not realize that there is a closet hiding behind.

12. Industrial Closet 

sliding closet doors
Photo by Reforminthouse

Similar to the industrial house, an industrial closet also has a lack of bright color, just like this one. There are some storages covered in black glass doors. Although those doors are dark, we still can see the contents inside the closets. This design is perfect for those who love simplicity but need a bit of luxury.

13. Fashionable Closet door

Photo by CM Glover

Hiding a small closet in a small room is quite complicated. With a traditional closet, it might take a lot of room while opening the door. Nevertheless, sliding curtains door is a great idea. This one uses twig curtains with zip ties to cover the closet. Its design looks very fashionable and artistic.

14. Kids Closet Door

Photo by Open | Close Doors

Kids need space for their creativity. Therefore, we can take advantage of transforming the door with dual functions. Not only to cover the closet but also we can add whiteboard or chalkboard to give the kids a space for drawing or writing. It will also save more space and utilize the thing that you already have in a house.

15. Eclectic Closet

Photo by Bashford Design

Eclectic is a mix of old styles which later produce something new and original. This walk-in closet applies it by keeping the door hiding with wallpapers. Moreover, its design looks artistic and attractive, especially when the door matches exquisitely with the wall color.

16. Coastal Closet door

interior door
Photo by Open | Close Doors

Beach style closet looks natural with its coastal elements. With dark wooden frame and straw accent, this door appears in sliding and has a touch of seaside atmosphere. Besides, we can see what inside the closet from the door gaps.

17. Barn Door 

folding doors
Photo by Haven Builders Inc

By installing two sliding doors, this closet takes inspiration from the barn. This design shows an astonishing idea that produces an industrial style. Furthermore, this walk-in closet is combining wood material on the inside and metal doors. As a result, the door looks entertaining and durable to use for a long time.

18. Modern Closet Design

A modern design always took our breath away, as we can see in this dark wood closet. If we take a look at the door, it looks very imaginative and contemporary. Additionally, the whole door material is wooden, and it shows a fantastic detail on every side. 


Decorating closet doors with a specific design might be interesting. However, before starting to do it, we need to pay attention to many aspects, including design and room’s need. Although there are many kinds of designs available, we need to be picky so that the closet door functions well and never bore our eyes. Thus, carefully choosing is the wisest thing we should do to get the best design that fit our expectation.

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