Garden Pond Ideas

Garden Pond Ideas – There are plenty of concepts to examine through when trying to design your idyllic backyard pond ideas pictures. It is simple to turn out to be stunned with all the astounding methods you can highpoint your beloved garden spaces. Deliberate first where you might need to put your pond. Start to generate a lean of ideas that suit the best for you with the collection arranged for you here.

1. Rocky garden pond ideas

backyard pond
Photo by Matthew Giampietro Garden Design

Rocky garden ponds and waterfall in this open space include a goldfish pond and stepping-stone bridge. The idea of this pond is to make a traditional landscape of the water garden. This garden pond with a waterfall by Matthew Giampietro brings a soothing for anyone who sees it. Check on how to make a rock garden from scratch.

2. Pond Ideas for Small Yards

how to build a pond
Photo by Floren Design Ltd..

This Japanese garden pond builds for those who have small yards. Nevertheless, farmhouse landscape brings an idea of a farmhouse landscape in the West Midlands. A Japanese garden pond is most likely the best match for all small garden area.

3. Small Fish Pond Ideas

backyard pond ideas
Photo by Tracey Parker Landscape Design Ltd.

These small koi pond design ideas are called ‘Greener Pastures.’ It is designed and built for a tv show program that mainly talks about the garden. The BBC gardeners created this traditional landscape in 2015. It appears that this small garden pond idea is inspired by Tracey Parker landscape designer.

4. Above Ground Pond Ideas

small pond ideas
Photo by Matthew Giampietro Garden Design.

Nothing can compare the sight of a fountain above a ground pond with stilted bridge in Miami. A professional architect, Matthew DiPietro plan and construct the garden pond and waterfall. Also, he features all the landscape materials from Fountains, Gardens & Waterfalls Inc.

5. Modern Pond

small pond waterfall ideas
Photo by John Davies Landscape.

This modern pond idea designs in a stunning backyard of Hyde Vale. The plan is to create a modern and elegant landscape in London. John Davies, like a garden and landscape, creates this innovative garden pond as an example of a future garden.

6. Small Backyard Pond

raised garden pond ideas
Photo by Andrew Grossman Landscape Design

This small backyard pond features white and blue color with a four-sided lily pond. Alternatively, you can also place flowering shrubs, perennials, azaleas, assorted spring bulbs, and tree peonies. If you want to replicate a garden pond in a small backyard, try to find a display garden from Seekonk.

7.  Cheap Koi Pond

garden pond plants
Photo by Rossington Architecture.

Montcalm Boulevard provides a beautiful yet cheap koi pond.  The idea is to make a modern and well plan patio in San Francisco. Rossington Architecture fully understands the vicinity needs and convert it into a low-priced and modern koi pond design.

8.  Small Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls

small pond fountain ideas
Photo by ROOMS & BLOOMS.

Woodland pond and garden establish a small backyard pond with some waterfalls. The garden pond itself is designed to survive in a tropical type of weather in Toronto. In a way, the architect receives all the garden supplies from ROOMS & BLOOMS.

9. Large Pond Landscaping

pond edging ideas
Photo by Acorn Ponds & Waterfalls.

It is quite challenging to make a large garden pond or a goldfish pond landscaping, especially in New York City. Acorn Waterfalls & Ponds built an aquascape ecosystem ponds based on water structures low preservation garden pond. It is their specialties in repairing, maintain and renovate a large pond landscaping in a crowded space.

10. Green Garden Pond

small pond landscaping ideas
Photo by Garrett Churchill Inc..

An attractive green garden pond needs special treatment from the gardener. To maintain it, Rydal garden designer decides to create an eclectic landscape in Philadelphia. Then they place some required landscape material from Garrett Churchill Inc.

11. Asian Garden Pond

small pond ideas backyard
Photo by Ehrich & Ehrich Construction LLC.

An Asian garden pond is always identical with Koi Pond or fountains. However, to create an Asian landscape vibe in New York is a different story. Ehrich & Ehrich Architect LLC successfully manage an Asian garden pond by designing it in a private residence.

12. Custom Koi Pond

small garden pond design ideas
Photo by Anderson Pond Design.

This exquisite Koi pond inspired by an authentic garden landscape in Macau. It is a custom-made Asian garden pond creates for a special family request. Anderson pond and garden designer install this fabulous koi pond in his backyard.

13. Contemporary Pond

small pond ideas with waterfall
Photo by Cultivart Landscape Design.

Nowadays, people tend to request to make a modern pond in a Melville courtyard. Most of the request is from an open space for garden ponds in Perth. The Cultivar garden designer took this project and created a marvelous garden ponds landscape from scratch.

14. Driveways Pond

easy garden pond ideas
Photo by M A Holland Building & Landscaping.

This garden ponds idea is for driveways and paving. Some Asian garden pond needs paving and driveway as access for inhabitant. All the landscape supplies provided by Holland Landscaping and Constructing in Dorset.

15. Ecosystem Pond

small garden pond planting ideas
Photo by Continental Ponds.

Every water garden needs a good pond’s ecosystem. Hence, Continental landscape designer creates it as simple as it could. They made a traditional garden pond design as a home for all the ecosystem in Oklahoma City.


No matter how much your garden ponds budget is, you will always need to make one. Besides, you can choose to build your garden pond using low-price supplies. Also, it is really easy to get so you must never give any justifications to start installing. Therefore, try designing your own garden ponds plan for your future ecosystem landscape.

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