Gas VS Electric Stove (Cost, Heating Time, Convenience & Maintenance)

Gas VS Electric Stove – Imagine you are just moving out to a new home with an empty kitchen or thinking to remodel your kitchen. The idea leaves you wondering what the ideal stove to start with. Proper selection of stove will be a lifelong investment which can save you a great amount of money later on.

Will gas stove work better for you, or an electric stove will save you lots of trouble? Read on to find out pros and cons to each stove now!

Gas VS Electric Stove

Gas VS Electric Stove

Cost Comparative

Truthfully speaking, gas stove is cheaper as it only costs from $460 to $2300 compared to an electric stove that comes with a range from $750 to $3800. Even though it is considered cheaper, the difference in price isn’t way too dramatic.

However, gas stove may need additional cost to install, especially if you are living in a rural area. Gas stove needs natural gas to run and gas lines are not always available in every region, so installing a gas line may cost a bit more. Meanwhile, an electric stove only needs electricity to run which will always be available in every area you live in, so you don’t need to invest more just to run it.

Now if you are wondering about their operating costs, gas stove can still be considered cheaper as natural gas costs less than electricity in most states. Even though it is difficult to name the exact price as the utility rates are different from state to state, it is safe to say that gas stove typically costs 10 to 30 percent less to operate than electric stove.

Even though gas stove can be considered economically efficient, gas stove waste more energy with gas. It costs forty percent of energy to be transferred to food, while it is seventy four percent on an electric stove.

Heating Time & Distribution

Gas stove is obviously better in providing temperature control because it responds to instant heat from the flame. It is extremely easy to adjust the temperature as the size of the flame is completely controlled by the single knob to be used accordingly. Gas stove has better heat distribution, too. The flame from the gas stove will disperse from the bottom to the side of the pan, making the pan receive equal heat to provide your dish with a better heating process.

Meanwhile, electric stove may need five to ten minutes just to heat up its coil so cooking with electric stove needs more preparation time. This unresponsive feature makes it hard to adjust the temperature especially if you are cooking a dish that requires advanced technique.

Not only that, electric stove also pales in comparison to gas stove when it comes to heat distribution. Electric stove applies direct and intense heat to its coil, which leaves cold spots to other parts of your pan that is getting less direct heat. This sounds like trouble to your cooking game, but worry not as you can easily overcome it with your great cooking technique!


Perhaps the only reason to turn your head to electric stove is for its convenience. Electric stove is a versatile choice for you as you can bring it practically everywhere as it isn’t restricted to gas lines. More importantly, electric stove is definitely winning in cleaning convenience compared to gas stove.

You can simply wipe your rug on the entire surface of the electric stove when it’s cool down. On the other hand, gas stove has grates that you need to clean separately so it costs you more time and energy!


Gas stove VS Electric Stove

It is obvious that gas stove is pretty risky in term of safety. Gas stove requires natural gas which is highly flammable and dangerous if it is not handled properly. Poor installation of gas lines can result in gas leak. Gas leak will get you to more trouble as the gas filling the room can accidentally set something on fire.

While electric stove is rather safer than the former, the risk of hurting yourself isn’t none. Electric stove stays hot longer before cooling down and often doesn’t appear orange or red when it is still warm. You may need to give your stove more time to cool down before cleaning it with rug or touching it with your bare hands.


Technically, any sort of cookware will work well on gas stove but certainly there are some types that perform better than others. Best cookware for gas stoves, Copper and aluminum fully clad by stainless steel will generally do great with gas stove. Stainless steel with copper disk on the bottom will work, too. These types can generally be heated up quickly and they react well to heat changes which supports the main feature of the gas stove.

Not exclusively for gas stove, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum are also great materials to use on electric stove. However, you need to preheat them gradually before cooking so the heat disperses well and gives the exact same amount of heat to each surface of your cookware.

Another important note that you need to pay attention to your electric stove is to choose flat bottom cookware. This design will ensure your cookware to receive direct heat from the coil and doesn’t damage the surface of your stove. Check our honest review on T-Fal C836SD Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom Set Review and Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece.


The essential of taking care of both stoves is by keeping them clean. Gas stove requires more effort in term of cleaning as you need to clean each grate from grease fires. Cleaning up the grates is important as they are exposed directly to the flame. You may also need appropriate cleaning solution to completely clean your gas stove up, but you can also use vinegar or baking soda to remove stubborn grease. Unlike gas stove, electric stove only needs minimum efforts to clean up. You can simply wipe the stove with a rug and your electric stove is good to go!

Conclusion Gas VS Electric Stove

The summary of Gas VS Electric Stove, electric stove is a perfect choice if you value safety and convenience. This versatile stove can go everywhere, easy to clean, and perfectly safe for your household. Even though electric stove costs you more to operate, the benefits will pay for its price.

On the other hand, gas stove are generally cheaper in overall costs even though it needs to be handled and maintained well. Gas stove allows you to level up your cooking technique with its thousand possibilities so if you are an aspiring chef, go and get your gas stove now for you kitchen checklist!

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