How to Make a Fairy Garden (Accessories & Kit)

How to Make a Fairy Garden – Living in a wide house is such a blessing. Each side of it sparks its nuance. Garden is one of those parts, which accommodates not only your plants but also your interest. Garden not only beautifies your home but also support you to do gardening as well as create your world by yourself. Therefore, managing a garden design is a crucial role.

What is a Fairy Garden?

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There are many types of garden. One probably not well known is a fairy garden. A fairy garden is not that fantasy. However, it is typically a garden, which contains living plants and its compositions, which bring out the fairytales. Each detail with a great arrangement does give a great result.

It is not that wide one, yet it is suitable for creating a small or medium garden with this design. Applying this idea to the large home, you need many details, which spend your money. When you are capable of making its components, it might not. However, there is another alternative; it is buying them in the craft store.

The components are dwarfs, gnomes, rocks, stars, trees, caves, and other miniatures. The miniatures are depended on your interests, whether making it as a snow white, jasmine, beautiful and the beast, Cinderella or other tales.

How to Build a Fairy Garden ?

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1. Select My Fairy Garden Theme

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Creating a fairy garden can be started by selecting the theme first. Involving your kids will be more comfortable and practical. By choosing the idea, the components can be well prepared. Kids usually choose a gnome or dwarf theme. Some are Christmas, Easter Eve, or others, pick your owns.

2. Choose Container

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Selecting the right container is a crucial thing since it accommodates the theme arrangement. One is popular is a half-wine barrel. However, there are some other like pot, planter, old wheel braw, raised planter, small bed, stacking panthers, birth bath, next to a tree, house or shed, a particular spot in the garden, and any other space suitable for fairies and gnomes to find a home.

3. Pick Plant and Accessories

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While choosing plant and accessories, it is essential for looking at some aspects. The first is climate. Living in a tropical region, it is okay to select any. However, living in non-tropical one sometimes is rather hassle. The second one is the location of the garden. It depends on whether it is next to the house in front of the house or others. By considering the area, it is easy to choose the size and the proper components of the garden. The last one is the theme. Choose some accessories like rock, wings, trees, sea glass, wood slices, sand, moss, pebbles, and others to beautify the garden.

4. Add Soil to Container

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Another important thing in creating a fairy garden is the soil. The color of the ground represents the nutrients contained inside. The dark soil contains more nutrients, but the light one holds less. One of the alternatives in adding the soil is an organic potting soil, which grows the plants better. It helps them survive long last. A local nursery will be helpful when asking which one is the best.

5. Arrange the Plant and Accessories Design

The last step is arranging the plant and accessories. This is a chance for you to design some layouts that accommodate your interests. Considering its scene, there are some aspects to be involved like the right angle, proportions, and compositions.

Fairy Gardens Kits

Looking for an easy way to make your own fairy garden. Here we provide you fairy garden kits that applicable for kid and adult. All you can do just use your creativity to arrange and combine any of the accessories. Find your fairy garden kits here.

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