T-Fal C836SD Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom Set Review

T-Fal C836SD Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom Cookware Set Review – Investing enough money to kitchen utensils checklist is probably a smart move for everyone. High quality cookware will eventually save up more costs in the future with its long durability.

When it comes to premium cookware, T-Fal C8236SD Ultimate Stainless Steel is definitely the best choice. The set comes with a very affordable price but with a very high quality. Read on to find more about this excellent cookware for gas stove 2020 before you toss it into your shopping cart!

Features of The T-Fal C836SD Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom

T-Fal C836SD Ultimate Stainless Steel Copper-Bottom

The T-Fal C836SD is probably an ideal cookware for your everyday cook. The stainless steel cookware offers a non-sticky surface with great heating distribution. The cookware has a multi-layer base made of copper disc inside of an aluminum core which are great material to transfer heat directly to your dish. Check our guide on understanding how gas stove and electric gas work.

The set comes in total of 13 pieces of cooking pots and pans. The package includes one 8 inch fry pan, one 10.25 inch fry pan, one 12 inch covered fry pan, one 1 quart, 2 quart, and 3 quart covered saucepan, one 5 quart covered stew pot, and one steamer. 

Premium construction

t-fal ultimate copper bottom cookware set 13-piece

The initial construction is important as it can build your cookware to have good durability and longevity. The T-Fal Cookware Set comes with 18/10 stainless steel with a multi-layer base of copper and aluminum. This technology is perfected with brushed interior and exterior to bring solid surface for uniform heating.

The smart design works well so your dish doesn’t stick easily under high or consistent heat. This extremely great construction definitely performs well after years of usage. Another plus is that the set looks pretty, perfect to be a neat addition to your kitchen!

Multi-layer base

t-fal c836sd review

The T-Fal Cookware Set is made with a multi-layer base which has copper disc inside of a thick-gauge aluminum core covered by 18/10 stainless steel. This solid design provides you with the best heat distribution so your pan will be evenly heated without leaving cold spots.

High heat retention and transmission

t-fal stainless steel cookware set, pots and pans with copper-bottom, 13-piece, silver, model c836sd

Copper and aluminum are known as good conductors of heat, thus making this cookware set has high heat transmission and retention. The premium materials help in transferring the heat directly to your dish without warping with usage.


t-fal stainless steel with copper bottom cookware set, pots and pans set, 13 piece , silver

Another plus point from the cookware set is its versatility. The cookware set is perfectly safe to be used on grill and oven as it can stand up to 500 degrees of Fahrenheit. The lids are also oven-proof as they are good under 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, the set is also suitable on gas or electric stove.

The perfect multi-layer base design with premium materials help to get the heat from any source without damaging the structure. To our surprise, the manufacturer claims that they are safe inside the dishwasher, too! Even though they still recommend hand washing, many users claim that they put the set into dishwasher with no issue at all!

Ease of use and stability

best stainless steel cookware

The set comes with riveted stainless steel handles that give you comfort during your cooking hours. Moreover, the ergonomic design helps you lift or handle the pan off the stove effortlessly. When it comes to cleaning, it is no secret that sticky pan is the source of your headache. Do not worry though, because this cookware set is extremely easy to clean. You can easily throw them inside the dishwater for regular cleaning or clean them up with regular dishwashing soap and lightly scrub the stain or burn food.

What Users Think or Say About The Cookware?

The cookware set is surprisingly very satisfying!

According to Goodhousekeeping.com, the set is even on its top choice for its versatility. Most users claim that the set is a great deal with such a reasonable price. Some users used it for a couple of years and they only experienced slight scratches on the bottom of the cookware.

Other users are happy with its heat distribution so they don’t have to preheat their cookware for a long time. Users also report that the set is successful in maintaining the beautiful appearance even after years of use. In summary, the set comes with very pleasing feedback from the users.

Final Words (Verdict)

With all being said, it is safe to say that you need to grab your own T-Fal C836SD Cookware Set fast! This perfect, non-sticky set with multi-layer base design which provides you with even heating distribution is totally a bargain to complete your kitchen remodel. Moreover, the sleek design will give you the classy feel but still super easy to use! check our other honest review on Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece.

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